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Saturday, 17 November 2012

GHOST STORY Paranormal Veteran Gives Warning To Para-Newbies

Paranormal Veteran Gives Warning To Para-Newbies
By Sandra J Wells

          After doing paranormal research and investigations for thirty years I have seen and experienced enough to write endless books about ghosts and the afterlife. However, there is another side of this research that never gets talked about. That is the long term effects that being touched by the energy of ghosts can cause. Sure we talk about what we experienced, if we caught any great evidence and the location itself but this one subject just never seems to come up in the conversation.

When I watch the paranormal TV shows I cringe when I see those people challenging ghosts to touch them. I often wonder if they take all precautions that are available to them to protect their own energy from harm. The closer we come to the energy of ghosts the more it affects us not only spiritually but physically as well. Obviously no one can avoid being touched by the energy of ghosts when it is something we can not see. Most investigators would tell you that is a risk they are willing to take. However, there are ways to protect our own energy and many just never use it. It surprises me when these new investigators ignore these simple steps using the mind set that nothing could ever happen to them and they become excited when they experience that energy sensation of being touched. Unfortunately, they still are not looking at the bigger picture.

Over the last decade or so there has been an explosion of interest in the paranormal; not that it is a bad thing at all. My concern comes when I see these new ghost hunters do a few investigations for six months or so then proclaim themselves to be experts. Those who have been in this research for as long as I have understand that it is not all about the evidence you capture but what we truly understand about the afterlife and its affects on the living.

I have seen so many of those same veteran ghost hunters dying and becoming very ill. I truly believe that because of our familiarity of the energy of ghosts we encounter we often times find ourselves forgetting that one thing that is most important; protection. Soon they find themselves having serious health issues for no apparent reason and possibly having their lives turned upside down. If you asked any paranormal veteran if they had been affected at some point I would say that at least 75% of them would agree that in can be a very real possibility. Can I guarantee that protecting ourselves before entering a haunted location will actually work? No of course I cannot. There are no guarantees in this life nor does anyone have all the answers. I can only speak from personal experiences of my own plus for others who also have tested this theory for themselves. Have I experienced any affects like I have been talking about? Yes I have. From tried and true experiences that I have gathered over the last three decades I found that when I was diligent about protecting my energy this did not occur as frequently as when I did not. It is vital that all paranormal investigators take this seriously.

If you believe that because you have investigated the paranormal for a couple years and nothing has happened to you as yet then I wish you the best in your endeavors; because it will. No investigator has all the answers to these affects and if you doubt what I am telling you I truly hope that someday you do not find out that I was right.

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