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Friday, 2 November 2012


Okay pretty much everyone I know has ghost stories and this is definitely the time of year that you hear them the most so I thought I’d share a few of my weird experiences with you all and I hope you will feel free to do the same.

My first experience with something strange was in my first apartment/home. I was working on a perspective art project for college so I’d parked my little table and chair directly in front of the stair way with the kitchen sink directly behind me and a wall to my right and open kitchen to my left. So anyway I was drawing when my happily resting german shepherd jumped to her feet and started to growl. She started viciously barking in my direction for and for a very scary moment I thought she might attack me…that was until I realized she wasn’t looking at me. She was looking in back of me. There was only a wall there.

Next one I was working on the children’s psych unit at my local hospital. I know what your thinking. It’s going to be creepy, it’s a psych unit, that used to be a Convent. Nope we have cheery bright patterned carpeting, rainbow-colored doors and bright lighting. Well anyway we get this kid who starts listening to this smashmouth song on repeat over and over again all day long. We ignore it but that night he comes tearing out of his room screaming at the top of his lungs that the green faced woman with red eyes and sharp teeth was going to get him. This kid was 12 at the time and he was known for causing a lot of trouble so we told him it was a dream and to go back to bed. He outright refused to go back into his room so at three in the morning we were moving him to anther room. Now the weird part. Three months later we get a 16-year-old girl and we put her in that room. One day she starts listening to the exact same smashmouth song on repeat. The staff thought it was weird since the song had kind of fallen out of fashion when most of us were in high school but again we ignored it. That night she came out of her room dragging her mattress. She refused to go back into her room and I had to sit with her for the rest of the night. The next day she told the doctor that she’d seen a green faced woman with red eyes and sharp teeth. Later that same year one of the staff was doing a 1 to 1 safety observation when she told me she felt weird sitting alone in the hall at night. So to please her I pulled a chair into the hall but closer to the nursing station. We were both looking straight ahead when the light in the empty LOCKED classroom went on. I looked down the hall and she gave me a wide-eyed look.

The haunted Trailer. Okay about five years ago my apartment building was sold and all the people living there were given thirty days to scoot. Since I had not only one but two Doberman pinschers, finding a place to rent wasn’t easy so rather than get rid of my dogs I rented a trailer owned by a friend. Walking into the place for the first time I felt sick to my stomach. I chalked it up to being forced to move out of a really nice two bedroom apartment and into a 1970 something skyline trailer but I was stuck. The dogs trotted into the place and seemed pretty at ease until I tried to feed them. Since dobies are known to get bloat, the thing that killed Marley from the movie, anyway I throw their food on the floor and they go around snuffling it up like vacuums. So I did this but they refused to go into the kitchen. I could have thrown a prime rib on the floor and they would not have gone into the kitchen. Not long afterwards I realized the dogs weren’t going anywhere. During the night they would each take a side of the couch and Corey would cover them with a blanket and the next morning they were still on the couch covered up. They were scared and started growling at bare walls, their short spiky hackles rising from nape to tail. It was freaking me out. This stuff didn’t only happen at night or when I was alone. It was happening all the time. Then one night Corey and I were getting ready for bed when he was sneaking a soda from the fridge. Suddenly I heard his pounding foot falls racing down the hall and he and both Dobermans jumped on the bed next to me. His arms and bare back were covered with goosebumps. He said he’d been drinking out of the bottle when Aurora walked into the kitchen in front of him and lowered her head and started growling at the corner of the dark room. Corey said he put down the bottle and heard footsteps rush towards him. We moved after only living there for 29 days. Come to find out I asked the guy who’d lived there before if anything weird had ever happened in the kitchen. He said he hadn’t noticed anything but the guy who’d lived there before him had died at the kitchen table.

This one isn’t a ghost story really, but it did happen. After my mother passed away I started having really terrifying dreams of being possessed or attacked by unseen demons. After six long months this was becoming so frequent that I wasn’t sleeping anymore. So one night at work I was talking with a friend and she suggested I say the prayer of St. Micheal and sleep with it under my bed. So anyway I waited for Corey to go to work and went about protecting my house one room at a time. I didn’t dream of demons that night but a few days later I did. I was standing in my bathroom. In this particular reoccurring dream the door would slam shut and the lights would go out and I’d be violently attacked, while Corey banged on the door trying to rescue me. Well not this time. I looked to the doorway and narrowed my eyes at a small growling sound coming from the hallway. “I see you.” I said, then I leapt onto the back of the invisible attacker but this time I did the attacking. I fought with everything I had. This was the last time I ever had the dream. Little note, St. Micheal is a warrior. The protector of Heaven. It may just have been a complex psychological thing because though I’d always seen myself as my mother’s protector she’d died anyway, but it may also have been that I’d gained strength from another warrior and I finally got my fight back.

Last one, again not really a ghost story but it brought tears to my eyes. Last year Corey lost his grandfather to cancer. Corey and his grandfather were really close. Corey was born on his grandfather’s birthday and he was given his name. Every year they even shared a birthday party. They were exactly 60 years apart. Well a few days ago on Corey’s birthday he was going to work and it was still dark out. He said the sky was crystal clear and really starry so he stared up at the sky for a little while, just taking it in. Then he said, Happy Birthday Pepere, grandfather in Acadian French. A shooting star cut across the sky directly after. We could say it was a coincidence or we could just call it what it is…amazing.

Feel free to leave comments. If you’re a non-believer its okay to leave your comments as well. It’s cool I get it. :)

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