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Monday, 28 October 2013


As a kid, I lived in this townhouse that was built in possibly the 1970's. When I first moved in I was about 6 years old. I remember being excited since a townhouse is a major step from living in an apartment. Nothing seemed to happen though until I was 7.

It started with me having my friend overnight for a sleepover. We were in my mom's bed sleeping and had my toy crib in the room too. Suddenly we noticed that the crib was higher than what it normally was. I looked over and it was seriously like 5 centimetres off the ground. I called for my mom but by the time my mom got in the room, the crib was no longer in the air.

That was just the beginning. After that, the doorbell to my room would randomly go off on its own. No one would be upstairs and it would just go crazy. Even taking the batteries out, it still seemed to go off.

As I got older, old enough to babysit myself, I always felt nervous. I would always hear the front door opening and closing making me think my mom was home but when I checked, my mom wasn't home. I considered it to be hearing a door from the person beside me but it was just too loud to be coming from the other townhouses considering the doors were pretty much far apart.

I also always felt like I was being watched, like something was in the room watching what I was doing. Then things would always just move. I would put something down and when I would go back to get it not too long after, it would be in a completely different spot such as across the table. My mom wouldn't have moved it since she was nowhere near. My closet door would always open on its own which really creeped me out. I've always had anxiety over the door being opened, so it would always be closed.

Around the age of 12 I finally got a dog. I know that animals have these special senses so they can sense if someone else or something is around. One time my dog suddenly started to bark and growl viciously at this one area between the couch and the kitchen table. We had no idea what he was barking at but he seemed to be afraid of that one area. I picked him up and carried him to the spot to tell him nothing is wrong and he was acting terrified and the second I put him down he ran away scared.

I know for sure there was something in that townhouse because in my new house absolutely nothing has happened. Also, apparently one of my old neighbours moved away from the townhouse complex because they experienced similar things though they ended up coming back. My mom also told me that when she was moving in, she had an ashtray on the coffee table that suddenly flew across the room in mid air and just shattered long before hitting the ground.

I tried to research the history of the townhouse complex I lived in but found absolutely nothing.

Source: By: Tifftardis 
Dated: 2013-10-15, Country: Canada,
Paranormal Category: Haunted Places.

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