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Saturday, 17 November 2012


Mistaken identity seems to be a common problem among the paranormal along with inaccurate information. There is a local legend in Elizabethton, Tennessee which falls in to this category.

It is said Grannie February haunts the Highland Cemetery. She is seen, sometimes on Halloween, wandering the grounds or heard rocking in her rocking chair. Problem is Grannie February a.k.a. Nannie February is not buried in the mausoleum containing the rocking chair. However, this is not a common case of wrong gravesite. Let’s start at the beginning.

Nannie was born in 1838 and married Isaac T. February in 1885. She became a widow at the turn of the century. Her reputation among her neighborhood ventured on a day and night scenario. Many described her as being generous. Nannie invited local kids to play her piano. Her fingers were often stained from breaking open walnuts and digging in her flower bed. She also possessed a fondness for Cadillacs even though it’s not known whether or not she ever drove any of the ones she leased.

Local teens claimed she allegedly practiced witchcraft. Why start such rumors? Supposedly, the answer lies with one of her routines. She often took a shortcut through Highland Cemetery, passed the Old African American cemetery, to retrieve milk from the local dairy. From time to time, Nannie stopped at her husband’s grave for a chat. I’m not certain that would be enough to accuse a person of witchcraft. However, with kids as the accusers, I guess it is possible.

Nannie died during the Depression and was buried next to her husband in a mausoleum. Nannie February sparked a legend. Nannie Crow (sp?) Brister’s death transformed it. She loved rocking in her rocking chair so much her family placed the chair in the mausoleum (located near Nannie February) where she was buried. It is this rocking chair many claim to hear and see rocking.

Thanks to vandals, the family removed the rocking chair and padlocked the door shut. Nannie February’s mausoleum is also sealed shut. It is uncertain whether or not the paranormal activity continues.

WARNING: Signs are posted. In Tennessee, it is illegal to be in a cemetery after sunset unless you have family buried there. Some cemeteries don’t allow ANYONE to be there after sunset. DO NOT TRESPASS! You will be arrested.

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